Orthopedic standing and walking brace system NF-Walker 2

The next generation NF-WALKER 2 gives a superb opportunity to develop the child’s potential for
independent movement in standing position



Children usually move into a standing position at 9 – 12 months of age. An upright standing position with the possibility of movement, have great impact on the child’s physical and psychological development.

Children with functional impairments have limited possibilities for independent movement and are less able to move into an upright position. It can be children with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, syndromes and Spina Bifida.
They are in need of different levels of support and help to stand and to move around.

NF-Walker 2:

  • Stimulates to independently move and participate in daily activities, with both hands free
  • Makes it possible to stand and walk in a corrected position, with optimal weight-bearing in a diagonal walking pattern
  • Is custom-made to make movement possible for children with severe disabilities
  • Training, support and follow-up is an integral part of the Aftercare 


XS: 70 - 110 cm* Max. Weight 30 kg.

S:   100 - 140 cm** Max. Weight 40 Kg.

XR5:  130 - 180 Max. Weight 80 Kg.

* Micro-kit available as extra equipment for 70-80 cm
** Individually evaluated based on user function and needs