Krabat Sheriff

Krabat Sheriff S1/S2 is an active children’s wheelchair designed by Krabat. The wheelchair is for indoor and outdoor use, and is highly adaptable with numerous adjustment options.

The child is seated on a saddle seat, which separates the legs from each other. The abducted hip position provides an open angle of the hip joints which tilts the pelvis forward into a neutral position. This, in combination with the the widespread position of the feet, creates a large base of support. The result is a very stable position that reduces the need for upper body support.

Krabat Sheriff S1 / S2 has a compact and modern design that invites participation. The smart design draws attention to the child and not the chair. The wheelchair allows more freedom of movement and variation.

Physiological benefits

  • Krabat Sheriff S1 / S2 provides the child with a balanced and safe sitting position with dynamic postural control which enables the child to move freely at all levels.
  • The sitting position gives optimal joint stability and comfort. The two articular surfaces in the hip joint have maximum contact in the sitting position.
  • The sitting position can prevent complications such as muscle contractures, hip pain, sublucations and scoliosis.
  • All major joints in the lower extremities become centered, which promotes normal muscle tone and muscle length. This is particularly important for the adductors, which are often tight in children with spasticity.
  • The spine can work actively in its natural curvature. The saddle seat can be adjusted to allow the pelvis to be placed/tilted in the correct position, giving the child’s spine optimum working conditions.
  • The saddle seat enhance an active sitting position rather than a passive

There is two models: Krabat Sheriff and Krabat Sheriff Plus in two sizes!
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