Krabat Pilot

krabat pilot

Krabat Pilot is an innovative and different type
of crawling aid. Traditional crawling aids do not provide sufficient active assistance to lift the hips. Krabat Pilot does exactly this.
When a child receives help to lift his/her hips it becomes easier to get the knees under the body to facilitate crawling.
The lifting movement that is provided by Krabat Pilot is dynamic, and constantly changes as the child crawls.

Krabat Pilot requires individual testing and adaptation.

krabat pilot

Krabat Co-Pilot:

Friction on the knees is important for crawling. The Krabat Co-pilot position and crawling system is developed to protect the child knees and give the adequate friction on wooden and linoleum floors.
Furthermore, it assists the child in moving the knees forward during crawling. An elastic band connects the knee pads to the aid, and/or connects the knee pads to each other. The elastic bands are limiting hip abduction and guide the child into the crawling position.