Children usually move into a standing position at 9 – 12 months of age. An upright standing position with the possibility of movement, has a great impact on a child’s physical and psychological development.

The ability to move is something most of us take for granted. However, individuals with functional impairments have limited opportunities for independent movement, and suffer from the consequences of sedentary behaviour. This can include people with diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy, syndromes, Spina Bifida and trauma.

  • The Innowalk is a pioneering, dynamic motorised device which offers physical and emotional well-being by providing the opportunity for moderate physical activity. No independent ability to stand or walk is required.
  • Assisted, guided and repetitive movements in an upright, weight-bearing position stimulate gross motor function and reduce the risk of negative health outcomes.
  • The Innowalk is custom-made to make movement possible for individuals with severe disabilities. For safe usage the Innowalk has adaptable motor force where the movement can be interrupted if muscles go into spasms.

The Innowalk is a powerful 3-in-1 device for sitting, standing and moving. It allows for safe and comfortable movement in an upright position.

Small 80 - 135 Max. Weight 35 Kg.

Medium 125 - 170 Max. Weight 65 Kg.

Large 160 - 190 Max. Weight 95 Kg.